How to join?

How to join?


You need to come to one of our meetings and meet with the team, if you will like us then suggest you go to the next step.

Team meetings are held at our office on Mondays and Fridays at 19.00.

Address: Kiev Svyatoshinsky district, village. Sophia Borshchagovka Street. Franko 5, office 10.

Driving directions from Metro Zhytomyr (on the side of the shopping center VMB) taxi 720, 721, 369 to stop LCD "Sofia"(20 хв.)

imgDay of meetings

We ideological team that deals with philosophical and patriotic projects among Christians. This requires a coordinated team of associates, so we just need to explain in more detail the ideological framework for the activities. Maybe for you, our beliefs and principles of unexplained or is it just not yours?

One-day training is traveling in a comfortable and cozy atmosphere and delicious food - this aspect of the establishment of friendly relations. The next part of the training - a presentation, explaining the essence and principles of our business. If afterwards you sure that you are in the right team, you can proceed to the next stage of integration into the team EELF.

Team schoolimg

At a set of 10 new people who have expressed their willingness to join the team undergoing the 3 basic philosophical lectures in handy all the time.

imgPart of the team

If you became interested in our ideas and want to change something in Ukraine. Congratulations, you're in team! You will be able to use your talents and serve for ukrainians, who are really need this!

If for some reason you can not dedicate yourself for this service, but supports our ideas, then you have a chance to help us. We need your help:

  • 1. Christianization unsaved friends
  • 2. Encourage your friends to be patriotic
  • 3. Talk to your friends about us
  • 4. Get involved with our page on Facebook and invite friends
  • 5. Help by your professionalism
  • 6. Financial Help

Our needs:

  • 1. The patriotic and intelligent Christians - has found, come to us!
  • 2. Financial resources
  • 3. Volunteers, designers, marketers, programmers
  • 4. Production of printed matter and invite friends
  • 5. Placing banners on websites
  • 6. Placing information on social networking pages
  • 7. Outdoor advertising