Our projects

Our projects

О ne of the largest Forums in Eastern Europe for uniting, equiping and providing resources for

Christian leaders. It’s called to open the full potential of the Church to society.

The program consists of four main parts:

1. Plenary sessions – time to worship and pray together. During plenary sessions well-known speakers will share what the Spirit says to the Church today.

2. Networks unite specific groups of evangelical leaders. Experienced leaders will share their vision of modern challenges for the Church and present biblical answers to them.

3. Workshops focus on specific ideas, problems and challenges. The best practices, projects and strategies will be represented here.

4. Informal networking – meal and break times are designed for participants to meet one another, to share ideas and plans, and to further discuss specific opportunities and strategies.


T he project was created to promote the Biblical worldview of all aspects of the society. Church, family, history, economy, culture, language, politics, education, environment are the main focus of our work. We provide the Christian interpretation of the events and phenomena that occur in these areas. It is important that the final consumer of the product would form a comprehensive Biblical worldview.

The Christian concept of patriotism and the focus on public ministry dimension – this is the specifics of our work the relevance of which is obvious due to the complicated military and political situation in our country. We see the urgent need for God's answers to the relevant questions in our nation. Therefore, God and public demand determine a new type of Christian ministry, built on the openness to dialogue with society and the active resolute actions of the Christians. For this calling one has to be competent and prepared, ready for self-education and active assistance to each other, able to fill in those gaps in knowledge that arose due to the lack of our understanding of the necessity of public ministry. Christ said to his disciples: "You are the salt of the earth. You are the light of the world" Matthew 5, 13-14. The church for its intended purpose must be the forefront of the society and should provide the righteous standards for the various areas of life.


T he main message of the project: Help the believers to think, and the thinkers to believe!

The club aims to spread the Christian worldview among students. We are raising a variety of current issues from the field of culture, art, history, science, social, and political life. The format of the club involves lectures and discussion sessions. The authoritative experts and opinion leaders are invited as the speakers.

The purpose of the club is:

1. Spreading of the comprehensive Biblical worldview among the students and youth

2. Promotion of healthy patriotism, based on the Christian love for the neighbor

3. The integration of faith and mind (the intelligence does not contradict the faith but strengthens it and makes it more reasoned)

4. Formation of the publicly active young people


A new project was launched in the fall 2015. Its aim is to hold the open lectures of Christian speakers in Ukrainian universities. Our main task is to rationalize faith for the student and academic audience. The University is a place where a new elite is formed today that will determine our tomorrow. We invest in the intellectual ministry to prevent the secular context of our future.